Is everything about Hannibal or is it only me?
Because I’ve just started watching Bob’s Burgers and this was in the first episode…

Daisies - c. 1910s - (Via)

Art Nouveau Window in Valencia, Spain

The Shining (1980) 

The ancient nubian pyramids of Meroë in northern Sudan (by opaxir).

Gold necklace with beads in shape of lotus flowers and leaves
Cypriot Period, unknown.
Source: Metropolitan Museum

“A Bouquet of Flowers with Insects”, 18th century, Pierre Joseph Redouté.

I’ve listened to all Welcome to Night Vale episodes and the fact that now I have to wait 15 days for a new one seems so unreal to me.

I need to find something to listen for now.

Do you have any recommendations?

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Fireworks in Paris - Tavik Frantisek Simon, 1928.